Yoga for Depression in Young Human

Nowadays, statistics show an increasing number of people suffering from anxiety and depression. Furthermore, it reaches younger and younger adults. Why is modern western civilization subject to such phenomenons? And how can Yoga be a cure and solution to this problem?

First of all, people, in this case, are not guilty, they are victims of an individualistic way of living. They have to realize shame is not on them, they are the product of an unhealthy ecosystem! Everyone can overcome this situation. We are all Love, and we are all on the path of Light!! Namaste

To understand how to solve and get rid of these mental patterns, it is important to grasp the root or cause of these series of consequences. Most mental suffering (which differs from physical pain) is directly caused by the mind. This means that it concerns the way external and internal events are perceived.

Let's start from the beginning. Childhood is a phase of life where the brain gathers a multitude of knowledge acting like a big sponge. This cognitive learning works on a conscious and subconscious level. The brain will remember information either by choice or by repetition and practice, in which case the learner can be aware of...or not! Basically, the brain assimilates repetitive information until it is learned, and thus will allow faster reasoning in more complex situations.

Unfortunately, modern society relies on a variety of social and personal patterns that break (or poisons) the fundamental and healthy way of perceiving life, creating bonds, and considering past and future. Children learn to create goals to achieve, emotionally rely on these, compete with one another, the judge in good or bad any action, feeling, or expression. These, mentioned above, will arise the frequency of being subject to very unhealthy states of expectations and attachments.

  • Modern society has detached the human from acceptance. Acceptance in its broadest meaning!
  • So how can Yoga teach and bring back harmony and inner peace?
  • The philosophy of yoga lies in the observation of nature, the universe, and ourselves, to understand what are and how to implement the positive and healthy patterns of life into the individual life. Thus, it concerns the way the consciousness of the individual will treat its own body and mind, through daily practice.
  • So here lies the secret: it's a matter of repetition, of creating positive habits. Yoga links body and mind in such a unique way and explains what are the healthy habits to implement.
  • Ashtanga Yoga (or 8 limbs of Patanjali) states precisely point by point how to take care of ourselves, and even more, reach Moksha (freedom from the human condition and constant happiness)!
  • For the purpose of helping those with mental suffering, here are some examples of how this philosophy, its principles, and its teachings can help and better the condition.

First of all, the most physical and abstract reality is non-eternal, so learning to get an attachment to own possessions and beliefs will cause suffering. Take it easy! Life is not a competition of who is right or wrong, it's the diversity that creates beauty. Beauty can be perceived everywhere, it's a choice, a practice to be more exact. Learn to enjoy the little things in life, from sunrise to brushing the teeth, or having a warm meal. Life is constantly experienced in the present moment, and thanks to the 7 senses (taste, smell, hear, vision, touch, temperature, gravity) it brings feelings of pleasure and safety, or danger and discomfort (or survival instincts). An exercise to diminish anxiety situations is to reconnect one by one to these senses for several rounds because they will indicate that the individual is not in a situation of danger, but just overthinking. It is this disconnection from present reality and escapes to the past and future that creates suffering.

Have acceptance in life, for everything! What happened is behind and the best way to live with it is to find a lesson in it. The future is ahead, and by shaping the present with positivity it will manifest itself in the future! It will instinctively bring you where you have to be, and life will become full of surprises much more enjoyable.

  • Many daily exercises and practices such as physical activity, mantra chanting, and meditation tend to bring a lot of peace and joy.
  • Again, create habits with them, and step by step life will regain all its magnificent colors. It won't be a jump from black to white, patience and self-love are keys.
  • The diet is also a very important factor to take into consideration. We are what we eat, literally!!
  • Recent studies showed that the secret to happiness lies in a specific practice: gratitude!
  • Every day, writing down or verbally expressing gratitude (for anything) will slowly insert into the mind that it's a luck to be on this planet, nurtured by Mother Earth!!

Take care of yourself, you are Love you are Light!

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