Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How can I reach Om Shanti Om Yoga Teacher Training School, Rishikesh?

Answer: Our school situated in Laxman Jhula Rishikesh. Rishikesh is well known city of Yoga in the state of Uttrakhand. When you have arrive the nearest airport in Delhi, you have option to take bus from ‘Kashmiri Gate’ bus station or taxi directly from the airport which is more fast and safe. Once you have arrived Rishikesh, Laxman Jhula, then we can kindly guide you to locate our school. If you need our help, we also can send you personal taxi directly to Delhi Airport to pick up you from the arrival gate. The charges of the taxi is on your own and approximately Rs3000 – Rs3500 for one way.

Question: Is there nearby Airport or Railway Station?

Answer: The nearest International Airport is New Delhi Airport and nearest domestic Airport is in Jolly Grant. Railway Station is direct service from Delhi to Rishikesh Railway Station.

Question: How weather is there normally?

Answer: Weather in Rishikesh is depend the seasonal and environment. During the month of Nov – Feb is a winter season which the temperature is between 11c to 25. Where as during summer from March to July is hot such as 25c – 35c. However weather in Rishikesh , Laxman Jhula is also depending the environmental factor as it is surrounded by High Mountain and Cool River of Ganges flowing from Himalaya. In spite of weather, the athmosphere here always calm and peaceful.

Question: What are the facilities / utilities in Rishikesh and nearby the school?

Answer: In Rishikesh, and the areas around our school – you can enjoy all the facilities without any lacking. There are variety of groceries shop selling daily needs, imported foods, clothing shops, all kinds of delicacies from the nearby restaurants providing Western food and Indian food such as European food, Russian food, Israeli food, Chinese food, Mexican food and pure Indian food. If you are the food lover – then here is the ‘food paradise’. Apart from that, for the spirituality of the Holy city of Rishikesh – it is the centre of many temples, ashrams, religious schools and some welfare trusts. It was the city where lived by our former Saints, Sages and Yogis during the past and ancient time. There are still some historical and spiritual places remain here. One of the ashram was forbidden but was not forgotten by google – it is ‘Beatle Ashram’ which is more than 100 years old – in the ………….. hectar still remain attractive to tourists even overlapped by bushes and forest trees. There are more uncountable miracles places in Rishikesh – all the remaining of our Great Yogis in the past centuries. One need more than 3 months to complete the retreat – however never miss the chance of a small part of them.

Question: What kind of food is provided?

Answer: We are providing pure vegetarian food. Here students will enjoy this vegetarian food from all various kind of menu such as Indian Food, Russian Food, Chinese Food and as well as Western Food combination. All the food are cooked and served in ‘Satvic’ way as food is very essential for the body and mind for the practice of Yoga and healthy way of life. Our menus are always in variety – so you will not have any problem in food. We are providing 3 meals a day with 2 tea breaks. Each day we will prepare different style of food. However, if students have any allergies for specific kind of food – they may let us know during registration so that we can assist their diet accordingly.

Question: What are the things provided in syllabus?

Answer: Your syllabus will be as follows:

  • 1. Classical Hatha Yoga, HathaFlow Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga or Shivananda Yoga.
  • 2. Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • 3. Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Tratak
  • 4. Mudras & Bandhas
  • 5. Yogic Shatkarmas / Kriyaa (cleansing techniques)
  • 6. Learning to teach Yoga classes for begginers, intermediate, and advanced level students
  • 7. Anatomy and Physiology Lecture Class
  • 8. The school of Yoga
  • 9. Basic Aurveda, Nutrition, and the yogic diet
  • 10. The benefit of Yoga and it's meaning
  • 11. Mantra Chanting
  • 12. Yoga Philosophy
  • 13. Yoga Therapy
  • 14. Yoga Anatomy
  • 15. Yogic Lifestyle
  • 16. Ayurvedic knowledge of health
  • 17. Teaching Practicum
  • 18. Ethics for Yoga Teachers
  • Question: What languages must to know to learn Yoga?

    Answer: The origin of Yoga and philosophy in India was in Hindi and Sankrit Language. However , for this Yoga course – we conduct all the classes in English Medium as the main ‘International Language’. So students from different countries all over the world feel comfortable with this English Language to transfer the knowledge between teacher and students.

    Question: What to bring with?

    Answer: Writing materials, warm shawl for morning meditation, alarm clock, light rain jacket, sun block, hat, torch light, slippers and shoes, comfortable clothes for yoga classes, as well as reusable water bottle. If you missed these items – do not worry..! You can always purchase here in nearby daily need shops at a very relevant price.

    Question: If I already have done 200 hour and can I continue this course?

    Answer: Yes, certainly. Learning is for life-long. So we suggest you to take 300 hour course to learn further or also can apply for 500 hour to learn more deeper about Yoga theoretically and practically. Learning about Yoga is always unlimited. So you can always continue learning at anytime without time-frame.

    Question: Why Om Shanti Om is best for learning Yoga?

    Answer: Om Shanti Om Yoga is built with experienced teachers from 5 – 40 years. Such teachers teaching lecture classes well versed in all the Indian traditional and ancient system of philosophy. Students will get proper and relevant knowledge – especially those who comes to India in searching for the reality of life and Yoga.

    Question: Do I need any vaccination before coming to India?

    Answer: It is not really necessary. However, as a precaution you can take vaccination from your country before coming to India.