Yogic Life: The Art of Slow Life

Slow life should be adopted in this fast-moving mad world. Lets we think about how to develop a slow life and healthy life. We remembered the old words saying “SLOW AND STEADY”. Even in Yoga, the practice of slow breathing tends to live longer for normal human beings. Since back thousands of years, the folk story of ‘Hare and Tortoise” – gives us moral value all about the slow life towards victory.
Unfortunately, we had forgotten all those knowledge and fast-moving hectic life are most preferred and chased in order to grab the fortune. We are just running after the time, money, career forgetting our inner slow pace nature and which leads to losing our peace.

Mindful Living

Today each living soul is feeling the heat of the modern pace of life. The fast life is all around us-fast food, fast cars, fast conversation, fast families, fast holidays. But in the end, we are losers! We may be living great lives for our families but in fact, we aren’t there for them we are not savoring our life and starving of the real connection to our life. What the “fast life gives us ???”The biological costs of ignoring stress are staggering innocently manifest into fatal disease resulting in accelerating aging of our body which costs us anxiety, depression and eating disorders, and emotional illness. So we need to be mindful. We can develop a wise relationship with our sensory experience through mindful meditation. Mindful living is a way of life that urges people to find calm by connecting with the present moment.
Mindfulness is a Buddhist concept that can best describe as awareness. The awareness -in our senses, body, and mind. It is a way of paying attention that is healing, restorative that is reminding you of whom you actually are so that you don’t wind up getting entrained into ‘human doing’ rather than a ‘human being’. Literally we can’t act as a machine and rather must respect our senses while going with the flow of mind. Listen to your body!. Practice meditation! Breath slowly – with Yogic Breathing!

Reading Books

It’s time to regain the pleasure of reading. People these days don’t much patience to sit for books but rather prefer dynamic activities, TV, mobile, driving, dance, etc. We are often having difficulty justifying sitting down and reading a good book even to ourselves. Ones should aware that reading regularly helps in a reduction in stress levels, increased creativity, inspiration and motivation, entertainment, knowledge, and even open-mindedness.
Almost before we start reading, we can feel we start to relax and calm. The solitude is created! It’s an anticipation of enjoyment and the pleasure of reading takes our mind to our problems. Reading also stimulates our brain by expanding our imagination, the different ways of looking, and frees up our creativity in other areas of our life. Even some books literally, inspire and motivate us to do more our lives, the feeling touches your life.


Books can make us laugh, cry terrify, and can make us feel any emotion we are capable of. It is the form of entertainment that we can take with us anywhere, journey, holiday, in the bed and without the help of internet facilities. When we merge into the story of different cultures, people, we get different knowledge of what would like someone else. It creates imagination. We forget the fast life, pain, and tense. We experience new characters. Our whole perspective on life can change for the better.

Slow Travel

Slow travelers are freed from these tedious pressures from the standard tourism perspective. If there is time, you can local activities of language, cooking, study Buddhism, volunteer. One of the pleasures of slow travel is an exploration of the locals are going into immersion process. Just by walking a few hundred meters, spending time and attention or by bike. Slow travel is comfortable- you have your own home where you can move on. You could take a day off or design your travel, volunteer develop relationships with locals.

Slow Food

The Slow Food aims to preserve cultural cuisine by preserving the food plants, organics, domestic animals, and farming. Eat seasonal food, vegetables, or fruits as the human body is created to act according to season or day or night. Go with nature. Slow Food envisions a new agricultural system, social dining, tradition and pleasure of eating end with some talks. It involves the pleasure of food preparation and consumption among the loved ones. Food in a hurry deteriorates us, instead learn to have with pleasure. Cooking is an Arts and Eating is a beauty!:)

Reverse time

“Time is the most precious thing we have”. Every hour we live, we never get back. Feel and enjoy each moment spent lovingly, preciously, and meaningfully. Manage time smartly rather than the chase for the time in the fear of running out of it. Instead slow down, breathe, and think – if you had utilized this single moment worth?. This awareness just gives you complete satisfaction going towards the ‘count down’ of our last days. We feel relax, calm, fullness being to be a human being. We just need to fulfill the reason, why we are borne.

Following Natural Rhythms

Natural rhythms guide all that we do, our breath and heartbeat are constant reminders of life’s pulsing rhythm within us. Our lives are guided by rising and setting the sun. The daily rhythms of the sun, moon, and rotation of the earth, changes the temperature from day to night and from season to season. Women have their monthly cycle that guides energy, moods, and sleep and creates reproductions.
When our rhythms are in sync, life flows easily – we find life more satisfying. The body rhythms called circadian rhythms. These signals affect every aspect of life such as wake up, sleep, hunger, love, action, the process of growth from babyhood to aging. We have the life cycle in which birth and death are a part. That influences how we socializing. It works as ‘clockwork’ which we called ‘body clock’.
If we go against the flow of nature, the body starts to re-act reverse to nature then we create unnecessary problems for our body clock, mind due to this unnoticeable life.
We should experience living in tune with the natural rhythms and not based on oriented life!

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