Food & Rooms


Authentic Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Our Teacher Training Course students are served 3 meals a days with one tea for 28 days and hot water on their own request any anytime. The food is cooked in the kitchen in a unique way, the combination vegetarian food of South and North Indian, Western and Chinese cuisine. We also give priority to Organic food or Yogic food. The foods are prepared according to our pre planned menu from our kitchen from Monday to Saturday with all kind of varieties such as chapatti, rice, bread, local vegetables, noodles, tosa and etc.
Preparation of food will change according to season like summer, monsoon and winter. During summer and spring, our breakfast always served with fresh juices and in summer with mint tea or herbal teas.

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check-icon Indian Style Cooking
check-icon 3 meals a day
check-icon 100% Vegetarian Food
check-icon 2 times Herbal/India Tea (Chai)
check-icon Coffee
check-icon Fresh Fruit Juices
check-icon Organic Food



Luxurious Hotel Rooms

Our rooms are prepared comfy with nice bedding and woolen blanket according to the winter season. The rooms are facing the river and mountains and sometimes near to the water which is silent and tranquilizing. The rooms are attached personal bathroom with hot water. The better view of the room wiil goes to first comers. The hotels are installed with free wi-fi and private balcony.
All rooms are double bed for single or double occupancy, personal cupboard and coffee table.

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check-icon Clean & Airy
check-icon Attached Washroom
check-icon 24X7 Free wi-fi
check-icon Personal Cupboard
check-icon 24 hours Power Supply
check-icon Study Table
check-icon Woolen Blanket
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tick-icon Café nearby
tick-icon Restaurant nearby
tick-icon River nearby
tick-icon Convenience/Grocery Store nearby
tick-icon Travel Agency
tick-icon Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Shop
tick-icon Temple & Ashrams