Shava Udara Karshanasana

This is what called this Asana in the Sanskrit language which means Universal Twisting Pose. This Asana gives the twisting to the whole body from top to toes while aligning the spinal column. One can alleviate back pain, neck, shoulder stiffness and stomach disorders, lower back pain relieves if practice this Asana.

It looks simple but gives tremendous benefit for a healthy body.
The pictures show the 3 ways of practicing this posture for
Step 1: Beginners students
Step 2: Intermediate students
Step 3: Advance students
Stay in this posture for 5 mins on each side! Feeling as Massaging your back!

It is essential to practice this postures after hectic yoga practices and before Shavasana to bring relaxation to the whole body and especially the spine.
This is Universal Spinal Twisting !!??