Karma Yoga as Cooking Session by Students

Food is a gift and one who gets every meal in a day are truly blessed... as we are! On top of this, we need food with additional nutrition, taste, spices with proper ingredients to add up the eating mood. ??

And what if we have all these requirements with multi-cuisine dishes prepared by International students in Om Shanti Om Yoga Ashram Students who made a wonderful dishes for dinner voluntarily along with our loving and caring Chefs Cherry and Kapil Ji.

The food was carefully plan, prepared and cooked not only with yogic dietary but what made it so delicious... was..., they were made with a single special spice of LOVE... which filled our heart even before we taste it.

The dishes were a combination of multi-cuisine such as Russian, Indian, Chinese, European ...by our students.

It was a special preparation that Om Shanti Om Yoga Ashram team will always remember this memorable evening...! Even the food prepared was digested but love and arts of cooking will always stay in our heart ??

Thank you to the students Yoga TTC Om Shanti Om of Dec 2018, who participated in this volunteering Karma Yoga...Tatiana, Tomáš, Siddesh, Kumenan, Allison, Gao, Olena, Samira, Zhimin.
Thank you again, Happy Souls...
Keep it up this Karma of cooking and serving for those who are in need in the future...!

Om Shanti Om!